About Richard DECARIE

  • Presently a business development consultant and a business entrepreneur most of his professional life
  • Worked in NGO enterprises, including World Vision – Québec and Food Banks of Québec
  • Senior political roles in the Government of Québec, including Treasury Board and the Premier’s Office,
  • Chief organizer for Daniel Johnson Jr.’s successful leadership campaign (1994)
  • Chief Québec organizer for Stephen Harper’s successful Conservative Party of Canada leadership campaign (2003-04)
  • Deputy Chief of Staff to Stephen Harper when he was Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada (2004-05)
  • Chief Québec organizer for the Conservative Party general election campaign (2004)
  • Québec talk radio show host promoting traditional values (2014-15)
  • Organizer, issue campaign defending parental rights to oppose Québec’s mandatory ECR school curriculum
  • Manager of the successful CAQ campaign for Soulanges in western Québec (2018)
  • Richard DECARIE is Catholic, he is married to Manon Carrière, has a daughter, Gabrielle, and a stepdaughter, Marilyn