About Conservative UNION

Conservative UNION is a political movement designed to represent all partisan and non-partisan, genuine conservatives in Canada guided by these rock-solid conservative principles. Conservative UNION will conserve, defend and promote traditional, Western cultural principles including:

  • Human life is sacred from conception to natural or accidental death;
  • Human flourishing (freedom) – respecting the principle of subsidiarity – is the chief aim of public policy;
  • Government must restore traditional institutions and uphold their roles and responsibility to further human flourishing; limit spending, taxes and regulations; and stop funding NGOs / NPOs that contravene the Common Good. Public policy should promote living within our means, be it government, non-government or households and individual people;
  • Human beings are at birth male or female persons as determined by nature;
  • The foundation of society is the traditional family, founded on marriage defined as the union of one man and one woman excluding all others, and to the exclusion of civil unions;
  • The spirit of the Constitution Act, 1867 (British North America Act) based on the decentralization of federal government powers, promoting the autonomy of the provinces and territories;
  • An effective justice system based on natural law, firmly punishing offenders and protecting the law-abiding. The gun registry should be abolished;
  • Freedom for private property and enterprise, and promotion of internal (inter-provincial/territorial) and international free trade, while promoting security of supply;
  • Accessible, affordable health care that puts the needs of patients and the health of the general public first, adhering to the principle that abortion and euthanasia in particular do not qualify as health care;
  • Freedom in education that recognizes parents as their children’s first educators;
  • Decentralize responsibility for immigration to the provinces, limit the annual number of immigrants to 0.5% of the total population, accept genuine refugees, prohibit illegal immigration and deport illegal immigrants and refugee applicants who do not qualify;
  • Foreign and national defence policy should promote the rule of law and representative government, and pursue Canadian interests and national security abroad;
  • In respect of the two official languages (English and French), language and cultural policy is within the exclusive jurisdiction and competence of provinces and territories. Federal services should be offered in both official languages; and
  • Ecological environment policy is grounded in scientific climate realism and directed primarily to conserving clean air, water and land.